Vengeful Rider is the long awaited english version of our beloved “Le Strade della Vendetta”. Also known as “Camino de Venganza” in spanish. It was written by Alessandro Ferri, penciled by Marco Cenci (Matita Impazzita) and inked/colored by Elisa Féliz.

So, what is “Vengeful Rider” about? Read the synopsis below:

“The Cage is the conventional name for a network of streets that surround Guglielmo Marconi Square, in the EUR neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Rome, where underground races have long been organized. Reckless pilots and a sick public meet in the name of easy money in the shadow of the great obelisk. But the Cage sometimes takes someone’s life.”


What to expect from Vengeful Rider?

Apart from motorcycles, crime and action? This comic showcases a level of work never seen in the Dominican Republic before. Marco’s beautiful pencils will blow your mind.


When is the comic being released?

There is no release date yet for Vengeful Rider, but it is expected to be released by the end of 2024. Stay tuned!


Preview Vengeful Rider

Below are some pages to preview: