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COVER Retaliation by XSIDE Comics


“Death is not the end. It’s just a damn debt to settle.”

What awaits us after death? Heaven? Hell? The embraces of our dearly departed? The punishment for our sins? None of
this… Waiting on the other side, there are debts never paid, convictions never served, mistakes never paid.

On the other hand, there are those who demand revenge, and who can now obtain it. So, dear readers… begin to do the math, because soon it will be up to you too!


Earth has become a world completely dominated by free will, by anarchy. There is the law of the strongest, where the weakest sell themselves easily for protection. A world in which most people are driven by a thirst for revenge. It could be a situation we have already seen, except that this is not our world, but the afterlife. In the afterlife (a world completely identical to the real one, but inhabited by the deceased), we meet SAM. a killer, dead. killed behind the back by someone who could not see in the face, and who tore him from his wife TINA and his son JOSH.

Now, in the world of the dead, he must try to stay alive (ves, because who dies in that world, is re-incarnated in the world that we all know, losing every memory of his previous life, and paying in that new life, for all the mistakes made in the previous).
Before he can die again, however, our man wants to carry out his revenge, he wants to find out who killed him, to make him suffer atrociously.

Writers: Marcello Bondi & Marco Emilio Bonaccini
Interior art, Cover & Lettering: Giovanni Vacirca
Colors: Marianna Varriale

Release Date: 2024

  • AngelMH AngelMH

    Excelente calidad, wow… Muy profesional. Felicidades

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