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COVER Samurai 2.0 02 by XSIDE Comics

SAMURAI 2.0 Issue #2

This is the second issue for our ongoing series “Samurai 2.0”.

Series synopsys: Art is perhaps the best way to hand something down to posterity. But what would happen if someone definitively
abolished any form of art, and ordered the destruction of all artworks? This is precisely the situation of Ketsuo, the protagonist of this story, who will try. with all his might, to prevent this madness.  Ketsuo is the last representative of a new line of samurai that has the task of passing down the history of humanity through graffiti, once considered only “street art”.

About: Samurai 2.0 is an ongoing series written by Marcello Bondi, set in a dystopian future. Every issue will be collected in an omnibus volume by the end of the series run.

Writers: Marcello Bondi
Interior art, Cover, Colors & Lettering: Mauro Gulma

Release date: 2024


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